I first met Abraham at an Open House and could tell right away that he wasn’t pushy (like some agents can be) and seemed like a genuinely good, nice person and we bonded right away over stories of his parents moving from a house to a condo, which is what mine were about to do. He stayed in my mind as the one I would call when I was ready to ‘seriously’ look and when he called to follow up with me, I knew exactly who he was. We spent many many months looking for the right condo for my parents to call home. They lived In Florida, so I took on the task of doing the legwork for them. Abraham quickly knew exactly what they would and wouldn’t like based on their very long & specific wishlist. He drove me and my 2 year old daughter all over the place and quickly felt like part of the family. My daughter called him her ‘best friend’. When my parents came into town, Abraham scheduled tons of showings for them, as well and was very responsive and accommodating throughout the whole process. He really seemed to have their best interest in mind and would be honest and tell me if he didn’t like something about the places we were looking at, which I appreciated and asked him to do.

Working with Abraham (the Cohen Brothers) was such a great experience. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new home. He definitely made it way more enjoyable.